Theme Park Pro Secrets: Tips & Tricks to make your visit amazing

Last time you waited in lines that were too long, spent too much money and simply didn’t enjoy yourself. Here at Theme Park Canuck, our goal is to equip you with everything you could possibly need to become theme park fanatics like we are. We’ve decided to reveal some of our closely guarded secrets & strategies so that you can have the time of your life on your next visit.

Pack Lightly

Ditch the backpack and purse, and grab a pair of cargo shorts. Don’t bring anything that doesn’t fit in your pockets. This way, you can skip the ordeal of paying for lockers or even worse, leaving your bag on the loading platform for someone to steal. Make sure your shorts have zippers or pockets with buttons so that you can store your keys, wallet and cellphone while being turned upside down and shaken.

cargo shorts

Make A Plan

As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. With all the information available about parks online, there is no reason to not have a game plan before you head to the parks. Purchasing your tickets ahead of time is essential, why wait in line just to get tickets and miss out on all the fun.


Secondly, get to know the lay of the land by scoping out the park map online beforehand, then grabbing one when you get to the park. It will make you familiar with the layout of the park, as well as list show-times and special events. The map also provides a ton of in line entertainment if your phone dies…I tend to read them over and over again.

Book Dining

If you plan on dining in a table service restaurant inside the park, make reservations EARLY! Many parks allow bookings up to 6 months in advance, and you will want to make your reservations early if you plan on having that Mushroom Filet or Cheddar Cheese soup. Sound crazy? Guess you’re having a turkey leg for dinner then!


Get the App

Find out if your park has an app, and if they do get it before you head to the park. Apps like the Walt Disney World My Disney Experience will give you up to the minute waits, show-times and even help you make dining reservations. But you already have reservations, right?


Get there early, get there early, get there early.

I’ve said it three times because it’s that important. While everyone else is sleeping in, grabbing their Starbucks and meandering to the park, you could have knocked out a few key attractions with little to no wait.


Super Pro Tips

Skip the people eating rides for when it gets busy. Some rides load a lot more efficiently than others, and can handle more riders. These are the rides you want to save for when the park gets CRAZY! Think Pirates of the Caribbean, Spaceship Earth, The Great Movie Ride…..all attractions that can accommodate a lot of people. Generally if the ride is continually moving, or is some sort of “show”, it’s a people eater.

Single Rider Lines

These are a godsend on busy days. Many popular attractions have signs that designate a single rider line, if you don’t see one it never hurts to ask. Is it really worth waiting an hour to sit beside Aunt Betty, when you can get on the ride with a much shorter wait? Remember though, you will be separated. Nothing irritates the cast more than people who think the single rider line is a sneaky way to cut the line and sit with their family. Not gonna happen buster!

single rider line

Skip the Bottled Water

Two benefits here: Save your money, and nothing to carry around. It’s easy to drink from the water fountains located at most restrooms. If you need ice, ask for a cup of it at many food vendors. Some parks will even give you a full-sized cup of ice water if you ask nicely.

no bottled water

With these tips & tricks, you can have an amazing time at any park, without spending money on the extras like lockers, bottled water and Express Passes or whatever your particular theme park calls them.

If you have any tips to add, let us know in the comments below!

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