Lost Attractions: Canada’s Wonderland Zumba Flume

zumba flume wonderland

Zumba Flume was a classic log flume ride that was located in the Grande World Exposition of 1890. It was removed to make way for Flight Deck (Top Gun).

The ride was one of the original attractions in the Park when it opened in 1981, and entertained over 14 million riders in its 15 years of operation. Zumba Flume was removed to make room for Top Gun (now Flight Deck), which opened in 1995.

top gun canada's wonderland

Flight Deck (Top Gun)

I remember riding this on my very first trip to Canada’s Wonderland in the early 90’s. We got to skip school, and it was wicked awesome! As we were waiting to unload on the turntable, a kid got his leg stuck between the platform and the log. They had to call the Paramedics to pry his leg out and unfortunately it was broken. Maybe this happend a few too many times? Who knows! Either way, the ride was pretty awesome. Look for a shot of it in this classic Wonderland ad:

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