Top 5 Newest Disney Treats

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Look out friends, I am on a roll. I have been drooling over some tasty treats Disney has created the masses. From a delicious crazy drink contraption to scrumptious sweets……..Disney Chefs are totally IMAGINEERS in their own right I can assure you.

So, in honor of those hard working chef’s and for all the behind the scene cast members who create these mouth watering treats, we here at THEME PARK CANUCK have decided to dedicate a TOP 5 list of the newest Disney creations that will certainly help you with your trip planning and are MUST-TRIES:

As shown in the above photo, Disney had to create something for the new Fantasyland Expansion to tempt us. As Universal did with Harry Potter World, Disney created a special treat that will put a smile on your face and something sweet in your tummy. This strange concoction of apple juice, toasted marshmallows & a mango foam brought to you in a souvenir manly stein, this Le Fou Brew is expensive certainly but ALL THE KIDS ARE LOVING THEM!!
Not really a new treat but certainly a scrumptious one. These delicious treats are hot, gooey goodness. Need I say any more???
New for the 2013 EPCOT FLOWER & GARDEN FESTIVAL, Disney has decided to add something special to their HEAVENLY DOLE WHIP CREATIONS.
If you ever visited Aloha Isle in Adventureland, you will see multiple guests with these sweet, TASTY TREATS. One of this girls favorites and certainly a MUST HAVE for ANY Disney visit. However, for Flower & Garden, Disney decided to spice things up alittle and add some spiced rum.
Now, I have come to realize that as a LONG TIME fan of the regular Dole Whip, the added Spiced Rum is certainly NOT for everyone. It somewhat takes away from the deliciousness of the regular WHIP, however, it is a refreshing new treat to enjoy. Keep in mind, for $6.25 US, it is NOT the same size as those served in the regular locations at Magic Kingdom. Try one for yourself and let me know what you think.
In France, located in the heart of Epcot, Disney has recently renovated this beautiful but exceptionally delectable bakery. Bringing an enlarged area to life, the French have obviously perfected the art of pastry.
They have added a lovely selection of sandwiches as well but the real draw is certainly the incredible selections of treats. I  have gotten lost many a time trying new things.
 Big Top Treats is the location and the entries are certainly mouthwatering. From the simplest thing as a cupcake, Disney has certainly offered a fun selection.
From sparklers to edible chocolate Fantasyland photos, Disney can certainly tempt anyone with these beauties.
Look- we are all tempted, question is……….what will YOU select?
So, hurry down and discover your favorites. And while your at it, perhaps you might want to stop and drag yourself away from the treats to say hello to a few friends? I know Mickey would LOVE to see you.
So, if you will excuse me, I have to get something for breakfast and I can assure you that NOTHING makes this gal happier than one giant helping of TONGA TOAST at Kona Cafe.

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