Disneyland character racism -Really!?! Of The Week


We normally don’t get involved in crazy stuff like this, but it’s just absurd to accuse Disney characters of being racist. The “friends of the characters” can hardly see when they are on stage, let alone clearly treat children with disrespect. Simply, these accusations are crazy and are most likely from people looking for a big payday from Disney. Sadly, the poor child’s picture is now splattered across the media as the debate continues. Great parenting!


SAN DIEGO – A second family has come forward with claims that a Disneyland character ignored their children because of the color of their skin.

In a photo, a smiling 5-year-old Razzi White stands near a Star Wars stormtrooper. His mother, Nastasia White, said it was the only photo he took that day with a character, but he wanted one more.

“I was upset and hurt. He was very sad,” said White.

On December 10, the White family celebrated the birthday of two-year-old Ryder.

At Disneyland’s Main Street, White said Razzi walked to within three feet of Donald Duck.

“He was sitting there with his arms open, saying, ‘Donald, Donald!'” said White.

White said Donald Duck made a deliberate move away from him and went to play with a baby in a stroller.

The Whites waited a foot away — first in line — and said the baby’s parents urged Donald Duck to give Razzi some attention. White said she twice asked for a quick picture.

Instead, according to White, Donald Duck went up to a young white girl near the bench and hugged her.

White said after three minutes of waiting, they left in frustration. When she turned around, White said she saw Donald Duck hugging the white children that were behind her.

White said Razzi asked her this question: “‘Why didn’t Donald want to take a picture with me?’ Inside, I wanted to cry. This was discrimination.”

10News reporter Michael Chen asked White, “Couldn’t you have misread the situation?”

“I didn’t because it was done in a blatant and ugly way,” White replied.

She said she complained and was sent a letter offering passes that would get her to the front of the attraction lines to alleviate her “disappointment.”

Earlier this week, 10News broke the story of a Spring Valley family filing suit against Disneyland, alleging civil rights violations, after they said the White Rabbit character brushed off their sons, a niece and a nephew to hug white and Asian children.

The family’s attorney, Dan Gilleon, has also been hired by the White family.

“I’ve gotten many emails and voicemails that I’m looking into. What this tells me is this isn’t an isolated incident. It doesn’t mean Disneyland is racist, but they have some people in the company who aren’t playing by the rules and are being discriminatory,” said GIlleon.

Gilleon plans to subpoena Disney for surveillance video for both incidents.

The Whites, who live in Reseda, said a Disney employee laughed off their initial complaints before they tracked down a manager the next day.

Disney wouldn’t confirm whether the two incidents involve two employees playing different characters, but officials said they were surprised by this story because the original complaint had no mention of discrimination, just a child being ignored. 10NEWS


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