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Welcome to the this weeks’ edition of Fastpass Weekly, a collection of interesting posts, videos and updates from around the web that we want to share with you, our readers!

This week, our focus is on Lost Parks. Either closed down, abandoned or destroyed. There’s something quite eerie about places that were once filled with laughter and fun, and now sit decrepit and abandoned. We hope you enjoy these posts, and let us know what you’d like to see next!


Who knew China had its very own Disneyland, now rotting and abandoned?

Disneyland China

Performers explore a world of rotting roller coasters and crumbling carousels in ‘Trespass’, filmed on site at the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans.

Six Flags New Orleans

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This one’s for fans of Jersey Shore…check out the remains of Seaside Heights


Ever wanted to visit China without leaving Florida, at one time you could!

Splendid China

Ontario, Canada used to have its own seaside (or lakeside in this case) amusement park

crystal beach


Here are some truly creepy parks that have been left to nature’s devices, perfect for any horror movie!

abandoned amusement park

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