What’s going on at Marineland?


For months now, there have been stories of mistreated animals and awful conditions for them at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

It started with a Toronto Star investigation that interviewed former employees, and even included some videos and photos of the problems. From bad water to lack of sufficient staffing to take care of the animals, the list of issues goes on.

Many people have brushed these reports off, saying these former employees are just disgruntled. We believe there must be some truth to these allegations because reports continue to come out of mistreatment of animals and poor conditions.


Toronto Star Image

We’ve seen statements from the parks owner that the stories are untrue, but who are we to believe?

For over 50 years, Marineland has proven that it is one of the world’s best facilities for animal and marine mammal care.

We are proud to offer our guests an educational and exciting experience.

Our animals receive loving care from our trainers and our veterinary staff and enjoy well-maintained facilities, high quality diets and exemplary veterinary care. As a testament to the quality of our care, our animals live much longer than they would in the wild. Our “seniors” enjoy their retirement in their Marineland home and receive the best quality care for their age and stage of life.

We invite members of the media and the public to visit Marineland to see it for themselves and learn more about the work we do here.

The simple fact is that the health and well being of animals here is at stake and needs to be taken very seriously.

Killer Whales and other marine animals should not be kept alone and in isolation. In fact, that’s illegal in the United States.

What’s really terrible is that through this media circus, we’ve learned that the Canadian Association of Zoos & Aquariums, or CAZA, has no jurisdiction to do anything about the conditions at Marineland.

The Toronto Star writes “at the moment there are no federal laws governing conditions for sea mammals in captivity in Canada. In Ontario, there are no provincial regulations specific to private zoos or other attractions that keep wild animals and charge the public to view them. Anyone can own an exotic animal, with no restrictions or government oversight.”

What’s the point of CAZA then? They can’t do anything about any problems the find!

How is this possible? Are we in a third world country with no regulatory bodies?

CAZA did perform a scheduled inspection, which Marineland passed. Of course they passed! They had time to clean up! Although some water issues were found and Marineland was instructed to fix t he situation immediately.

We’re animal lovers here at Theme Park Canuck and love to support well run facilities, but will not accept any living creature being taken advantage of and mistreated for any reason whatsoever. We’re not here to debate whether animals should be in captivity, but in the case that they are, we believe that they should be treated with the same respect and integrity as humans. Period.



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