Cedar Point 2013 Gatekeeper construction

On our weekend trip to HalloWeekends, we took a few photos of the construction site for Gatekeeper, the 2013 B&M Winged coaster Cedar Point is adding to its awesome collection of coasters. The previous occupants of the site, Disaster Transport and Space Spiral, are completely gone. You can see footers are being poured and vertical construction will probably begin in a few weeks.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the front gate…from the concept art, it looks as if the ticket booths are going to be removed for a much cleaner entrance plaza. Here’s a panoramic picture of the front gate as it currently stands. Say goodbye to this skyline forever, and prepare for a brand new and exciting entry gate experience come 2013!

It also looks like having a coaster over the front gate is becoming a trend in the Cedar Fair parks, it will be interesting to see what other parks get a show piece like Gatekeeper and Leviathan. We must say it definitely adds to the excitement of getting to the park, being able to walk under a roaring coaster.

If you want to share your construction pics with us, drop us an email.

GateKeeper Cedar Point Overview

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