Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2012 Trip Report

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Over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, we packed up our car and headed to Cedar Point to take in their fantastic HalloWeekends for the first time ever! It’s been on our list for a long time, so it was nice to finally have time to visit.

If you’ve never heard of the event, it’s similar to Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland, with the exception that it’s included with park admission.

Our first night was Friday and the weather flopped back and forth from being a tolerable chilly to pouring rain. It did put a damper on the evening, but we had the chance to walk the park and take in all the fantastic Halloween themeing and decor. We must say it was very impressive!

From graveyards playing tribute to old attractions and celebrities, to spooky skeletons in the most unexpected places, the entire park had a fantastic feeling that was unlike any other time of the year. It almost feels like another park this time of year. One of the best parts of their HalloWeekends is that they appeal to both families and thrill seekers by having a great mix of kids shows and haunts that aren’t scary during the day, at the same time-saving the more intense haunts and scare zones for the nighttime.

We ended up spending almost all of Sunday there as well to take in as much of the event as we could. We’ve included a great set of photos and reviews of the attractions we visited. Have you visited HalloWeekends at Cedar Point? If so, let us know what you think! We had a blast, and can’t wait for next year! Scroll down to check out all our entire photo gallery, but first our thoughts on the events attractions:


Eerie Estate: A great indoor haunt that is a feast for the eyes. Themed as an old manor with various haunted rooms and filled with antique props. They make sure to remind everyone to not touch a thing as these are real historical items. They break up people into small groups, ensuring scares for all. I got some good scares and the lighting was bright enough to actually see the props and take in the atmosphere. The only thing we would add is a bit more music and sound effects so it’s not too quiet.

Eden Musee: The brand new haunt this year and you can tell. Everything was brand new and fresh looking, including the facade of the house. Themed to a wax museum/ chamber of horrors, the makeup on the scare actors and interior sets were spectacular. You enter through the lobby of the museum around a fountain and into the different wax scenes where the figures jump out at you from their displays. This was quite long, and a tad bit too quiet. They relied on the light in your eyes blinding effect a little too much (which is the case in many of the haunts), but overall this was our favourite.

Club Blood: The most worn out of all the houses (we hear it’s the last year), themed to a nightclub over run by vampires. While we enjoyed the theme as it reminded us a bit of The Lost Boys, a better music selection that was much louder would have improved this house immensely  With that said, the sets and layout of the house was great, with lots of things for the scare actors to bang on and pop out of. The scare actors were great and set the perfect mood.

Club Blood

Eternity Infirmity & Corn Stalkers: Unfortunately we did not have time to visit this haunt, but were told by multiple sources that these two are both awesome attractions to see. Maybe next year!

Scare Zones

Although we love scare zones, Cedar Point needs to reconsider the size of them. There were areas in the zones that were completely dead (no pun intended!). By making them a bit smaller, they can have a higher concentration of scares and effects making them more effective. With that said, we did enjoy the number of scare zones they offered and how they utilized the different areas of the park.

CarnEvil: Taking place in Camp Snoopy, this evil carnival was a bit disappointing. It just seemed so empty….but did have some great costumes and scare actors that were excellent at being creepy and disturbing.

Maniacle Mechanical Screamworks: Our favourite scare zone, mainly due to the entire Frontier Trail being filled with fog, lasers and other amazing effects. It’s a steam punk inspired area, with fantastic props throughout. This is the largest scare zone, with scare actors everywhere. Some glide out to scare you from below on kneepads and hop right in front of you, while others are great at whispering just close enough in your ear to give you a spook.

Blood On The Bayou: This sad haunt exists on the pathway under Iron Dragon and made the worst impression on us. The path is too wide, the fog is too thin and the scares are few and far between. The Voodoo barker out front of the entrance was the highlight of this zone. So much potential for this to be a fantastic scare zone.

Cut Throat Cove: The newest scare zone this year, themed to pirates. It takes you under the Maverick ride area. The sets for this zone were awesome, and the scare actors were great. It was really windy, resulting in the fog not being as effective as it could be. Either way, we love pirates and enjoyed this addition. Except for the giant snake….not cool!


The Edge of Madness: Resurrection Taking place inside the Red Garter Saloon, the dead have risen to sing rock songs. While this is a high-energy show with great performers, the singing needs to be worked on. Almost like watching an X-Factor audition that almost gets through, but misses the mark. However, it’s nice grab a pumpkin beer and sit down and be entertained. Especially when it’s raining outside!

The Goodtime Ghouls present A Halloween Hulabaloo This took me right back to the awful zombie stripper show at Canada’s Wonderlandlast year. The idea is that the dead have risen and are performing a song and dance routine to pop music. I can accept that…except it was like a sad high school production thrown together with no budget. Sloppy choreography and out of tone singing brings down what could be a great show. The highlight, however, was the musical number “I Put A Spell On You” from Hocus Pocus.

GoodTime Ghouls

Sideshow: A Carnival of Magic Hands down the best show of the bunch this season. Essentially you’re at a magic show that has dance numbers and fantastic music throughout. From the horrifying “A Nightmare on Elm Street” number to “Circus” by Britney Spears, this show was amazing. The dancers, acting and effects were also very good. There is no dialogue, but the music does a great job of setting the tone and mood of the event.

Monster Midway Invasion Celebration Parade A great mid-afternoon parade through the park involving local bands, cool-looking floats and some super energetic performers. It seemed a little rushed, but it was a great addition to our day. A great time to sit down and take a break.

Skeleton Crew: Resembling a Cirque Du Soleil style show, this show takes place on the Luminosity stage. Filled with fantastic tumblers and an awe-inspiring fire set. In addition, four very talented trampoline artists provide for an entertaining spectacle for the whole family. We loved this. Just add more pyro!

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