Halloween Haunt 2012

Canada’s Wonderland has finally unleashed their revamped website and details for Halloween Haunt 2012. This years event brings us four new attractions: Two new haunts called Streets of the Undead and Iron Empire, and two new shows called The Underworld and Blood Drums. Favourite haunts such as Club Blood, Blood on the Bayou, Corn Stalkers and more return to give you even more nightmares. Read below for details on everything else for this years event which runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights starting October 5.

New for 2012

Blood Drums

The pulsating power of this rapturous band of misfit drummers will mesmerize and energize you in this percussive blood bath of rhythm and music.

The Underworld

New for 2012!  Join our cast of savages for a journey in to “The Underworld”. Wicked feats of strength, balance, and athleticism in this electrifying cirque style spectacle that bring you to the depths of the unknown.

Iron Empire

Desperate Rebels fight for control against oppressive Government forces seeking to enslave the citizens of a once free country. Forced into hiding to survive; the neo-Victorian steampunk movement is rising and the war is now on the Rebel’s doorstep. The Rebels take up arms and fight for their freedom, in a last attempt to escape the tyranny of the Iron Empire.

Streets of the Undead

A mind-altering virus has taken over the population; the city now ruled by mindless zombies. Survivors hide in the darkness and wait for a cure that may never come. Hope is dead, like the souls of the city dwellers that now hunt in the Streets of the Undead.

Returning Haunts

Corn Stalkers

The fields of the VanTassel farmstead are overgrown with two centuries of colonial debris and rotting corn. Monster scarecrows now consider this their home, attacking anyone who dares enter their fields with their razor-sharp beaks and terrifying shrieks of madness.


Kingdom of Carnage
Castle Carnage has long been feared for its twisted reputation for using medieval torture methods on prisoners. The victims have now overthrown the cruel nobility and inflict their own bloody torture in a scene of deadly mayhem that makes Castle Carnage look like a holiday retreat. Let the brave of heart and noble of spirit beware: Chivalry is dead.
Blood on the Bayou
Residents along the Louisiana bayou have long been warned not to venture too far from the water’s edge; beyond the opulent river mansions is a mysterious, twisted world where curses are whispered in the dark and no one ever makes it back to shore. Those who go too far are soon driven mad with fear and bloodlust so be cautious – there’s no telling what you could wake in the Bayou.
Club Blood
At the hottest new nightclub in town, they line up to get in, but no one makes it out alive. Because inside this devilish dance hall, vampires staff the bar and the DJ booth in an effort to lure the most edible into their isolated lair. The most delicious dancers are invited to the VIP lounge, where away from the throbbing heartbeat of the music, the vampires slowly suck the life from their victims.
Mother Noose
When the Brothers Grimm set out to tell stories from the countryside, they never imagined the dark horrors and unhappy endings they would encounter. Tales of massacre, evil creatures and ferocious beasts are not the fairy tales we grew up with. Mother Noose recreates these haunted stories for anyone brave enough to see just how dark the dark ages really were.
Clowns at Midnight
The 1937 big top fire doomed the circus performers to a slow and agonizing death. Now every night, the clowns and circus freaks continue their demented performance, looking for fresh blood to avenge their suffering.
Red Beard’s Rage
The legendary pirate Red Beard is said to have led his crew into a massacre; his ship was never found. A single surviving manuscript tells how his mistress cast a spell stopping the crew from fully crossing into death. Now the ship is in dock and Red Beard and his undead crew await new victims to help them satisfy their bloodlust.
The Asylum
In 1923, Miles Gravestone was admitted to the asylum after surviving Slaughter Mill. Driven mad by his memories of the carnage and outraged that no one believed his story, Miles led the inmates of the asylum in a violent revolt. Taking his fury out on the doctors and nurses, he leaves them just as deranged and bloodthirsty as the patients.

Returning Show

Skeleton Crew
Acrobats and fire breathers dazzle the senses in this high action cirque style spectacle.


For full details of this years event, visit the Halloween Haunt website.


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