Cedar Point Trip Review

We just got back from our whirlwind tour of Cedar Point and the other fine offerings that Ohio has to offer (Put-In-Bay & Kalahari). We must say, we’re exhausted! We stayed at the amazing Kalahari Resort & Conference Centre. It’s massive, gorgeous and will require its own update. Look for that soon! Check out our thoughts and views from our Cedar Point trip below:

It was nice to get back to Cedar Point after five long years of not visiting the park. The highlight of our trip was the brand new Luminosity, which we hear will be added to a few other Cedar Fair parks next year (Wonderland please!). It was high energy, full of pyro and just a load of fun. The dancers & singers were super talented and gave 100% the entire show. Everyone was really into it, and after it ended the dance party kept going. You could even text your memories to a special shortcode on your phone and it would appear on-screen. We had such a blast, what a great way to end the day. I’m sure it will keep getting better as summer rolls on.

We ended up hitting all the coasters and rides we love, with a few exceptions. We really wanted to ride Windseeker, but it was down the entire day. Mean Streak and Sky Ride were also closed for most of the day, but we did get to ride them eventually. The weather was perfect, and the park was busy but not too crazy. We hit up Famous Dave’s for lunch, I had the BBQ Burger which was delicious, and then Midway Market Buffet for dinner. $13.99 for all you can eat, and the food was decent. Have the meatloaf and tacos. Although the tacos did not agree with my system, and we’ll leave it at that! Highly recommended overall.

We also had our brand new shirts to show off, which resulted in a lot of questions and stares (which we loved!). Thanks Kirby!

While our trip to CP was generally great, there were a few things that stood out in need of improvement.

  • First, the Happinness Is…Snoopy ice show. It was simply awful. We may be biased towards the one from a few years back, but this didn’t really have a storyline and the music was dreadful. Half of the songs we’re terrible remakes of popular songs. With that said, the skaters were awesome!
  • Maverick: We’re not sure what was going on here, but it kept breaking down. They didn’t ever say a word about what was happening. The ride had a reasonable one hour wait when we got in line, but actually took 2 hours for us to ride, it was excruciating. The ride is amazing though, worth the wait after all!
  • Staff: The quality and friendliness of the staff was really bad in certain areas. We didn’t expect Disney, but they didn’t even say hello as we walked past them half the time. On the rides, they moved like molasses during loading and unloading. Not everyone was bad, but the ones who were spoiled all the others hard work.
With that said, the park is still gorgeous, amazing and has the best coasters on the planet. We only criticize because we love this place and want it to be amazing forever! Dragster, Magnum & Sky Hawk, and Mean Streak had amazing crews that were friendly, efficient and went above and beyond. Also a big plus is that Mean Streak has been re-tracked, making it very smooth and not feeling like you’re getting violated anymore.

Here’s a giant photo update of our adventures to this beautiful park! Look for our update about Kalahari soon!


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