Wonderland’s 2012 advertising…something is not right here

An actual ride in the park, used in a print ad.

Canada’s Wonderlandhas launched its new advertising campaign for the 2012 season, with the tagline “Thrills Connect”. While we like the overall campaign and it’s always great to see Wonderland ads, we noticed something that really bothers us: The rides in the ads are not in the park.

If you’ve ever been to Wonderland, you’ll notice the yellow roller-coaster featured at the end of the commercial is not at the park at all. It’s a stand up 4 across B&M coaster. The only B&M coasters they have are Leviathan which is aqua-green, and Behemoth which is Orange. The actual stand up coaster at Wonderland is a 2 across pile of garbage called Skyrider, made by TOGO.

We understand that to cut costs and save money, the Cedar Fair parks all share advertising. By that we mean they are using essentially the same ads for all their parks, with some minor variations. That’s fine, why spend all that money shooting custom ads for each park. We get that, but they should show a ride they actually have. In this case where they haven’t, it’s just poor execution and we actually consider it false advertising.

If you got to the park, and were looking for that awesome coaster, you would never find it. And you would be pissed off. Ok, maybe the general public won’t notice, it is a pretty generic coaster. But at the same time, would Universal Studios Hollywood show the Rip Ride Rocket in their ads? No, because they don’t have that ride. Just like Wonderland not having this coaster.

Is it that much work to insert an actual ride from the park your advertising.  Use the same beginning, just stick 5 seconds of Leviathan or whatever at the end. At least last year, each park got the identical Windseeker, so the ads could be the same and work. This is not a new practice though, they have been doing this since the Paramount Parks days. Anyways, sorry for the long rant, it just really annoys us!

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P.S. The full details of this campaign can be found at the Cramer-Krasselt website. They do the advertising and P.R. for Cedar Fair.

Canada’s Wonderland TV Spot

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The rest of the TV spots for Cedar Point and all the other parks. They simply change the logo at the end.

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