Cedar Point Opening Day Pics

Our friend Kirby headed out to Cedar Point today to check out all that’s new and exciting in the park for the 2012 season. Check out some of the great pictures of Dinosaurs Alive! and Luminosity, the brand new nighttime show starting June 8. We’ll be at Cedar Point in late June, so make sure to check back for all our pictures and videos. In the meantime, here’s a quick photo update:

Luminosity Stage Area

This should be pretty sweet...I mean it is sponsored by Pepsi!

Wow...look at that sexy scaffolding.

Not so luminous during the day.

Dinosaurs Alive! Area

It's called Adventure Island now so they can charge extra for it!

Looks like they got a deal on these stores...it's the exact same as the one at Canada's Wonderland

Paddlewheel Excursions we miss you!

Very high tech...ticket kiosks.

Welcome to....Adventure Island.


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