What Disney Magic is about…

If you’ve ever questioned or wondered why people love Walt Disney World so much, invest 10 minutes to watch this fantastic video. It captures everything that is awesome about being in that magical place. This is the best gift any guest can give to a Castmember, showcasing how much they loved their trip. If you’ve never been, take a trip to Disney. It’s not a cheap vacation, but it’s worth every penny. You’ll see why in this video:

Here are a few comments left about the video:

“Just wanted to say that I loved your video. I work for Disneyland in California and I saw your video in a class that Disney was giving today. Even thou this was shot in Disney World we all try to give the same Disney service. I also want to thank you for sharing your video, and your family inspires me to go out there and continue giving the best Disney service possible. Thank You”

“I am a Disney Cast Member,and can I just speak for us all when I say most of us are in tears watching this video. We spend SO much time and effort making guests happy not because it’s a job,but because95%of Disney Cast Members ACTUALLY care about every single guest that comes through that front gate! Seeing videos like this make us feel like we’ve actually made a difference in someone’s life.The Disney company motto is”Creating Happiness…”and I’d like to thankyou for helping us realize our dream!”

“Our trip last May was expensive at first blush. When we were leaving, I said (and I still say today) that was best $2,000 (up front, not including travel) I’ve ever spent in my life. I’m so glad we did it and we are going back again at the en of this year. Beautiful family you have, congratulations!”



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