Off to a Disney Cruise? Wanna know a secret….

OK, you have probably already been informed that Disney has in fact released ANOTHER new ship. This past weekend on March 31st, will hold a special date in the hearts of many who have been waiting for her release. Disney Cruise Lines set sail on the Inaugural cruise for The Disney Fantasy. Now, much like my previous post about Disney Cruise Lines and their fleet……The Fantasy holds some pretty special magic of her own.

It marks the first sail for this spectacular ship. She is much larger than the three other ships and as always, Disney has tried to create some special magic just for her.

Sure, she has the Aqua Duck, the exclusive Disney Water Coaster, it has Palo, Disney Cruise Lines exclusive fine dining restaurant which I HIGHLY recommend dining at, but it also has some pretty special features just for herself. Disney Cruise Lines has officially launched the Aqua Lab. This is one incredible spot. Kids can come out to the deck and enjoy special water features that were created especially for the Fantasy.
If you’ve already been on a cruise or two, you will know that Disney creates some pretty incredible activities for all to enjoy but did you know that there is a secret group that have created FISH EXTENDERS??
What’s a FISH EXTENDER you ask? Well………on your stateroom door, there is a beautiful pewter fish that creates a magical spot for people to attach things to.
Groups from literally all over the world have been meeting online in groups, places like the DIS boards, and even on Facebook. These groups are for people who want to have some extra fun, meet some INCREDIBLE people and even share in some extra magic.
This is the exact door of my step brothers who were lucky enough to be traveling on The Fantasy’s Maiden Voyage today. As you can see from their photo already, they have received some pretty cool stuff.

So, what is this all about. When you board, and are heading throughout the different decks of passengers, you may come across some pretty colorful doors of guests and wonder “HOW DID THEY DO THAT?” Well, creative folks like you and me come up with a design for something that can be hung off of their fish extender on their stateroom door. Then, they create it. Then, they do a little research online to find a group going on the exact same cruise they booked. They introduce themselves on the boards, they chat and suddenly you have a group of people, like-minded like you to have FUN!!
Now that you have a group of people, you now have to find a CREATIVE and INEXPENSIVE WAY to share something with your new friends. It is totally supposed to be INEXPENSIVE….I mean your already spending enough on the cruise and for excursions but things like magnets, greeting cards, photos…..anything you can think of will work. This time, my brothers decided to do something REALLY creative. Now, this was somewhat expensive, but they have been cruising for some time now and know the fun it is to get back to your stateroom after an incredible day of fun and find trinkets and gifts waiting for them in their fish extenders.
I spent some time this week assisting in the creation of these awesome coasters. We took inexpensive tiles from Lowes or any other home improvement stores and purchased enough for their group…..85 in all. At $.10 a tile it wasn’t THAT expensive but you don’t have to spend a lot. TRUST ME!!
Then we found someone extremely creative to come up with our design, we printed it out at home, did a little Mod Podge and VOILA!!  C’est Magnifique.
I mean what a surprise it will be when some of the families return to their rooms tonight and find these coasters? Now each family only gets one of course but it’s really cool. Now my other brother and sister will be traveling on The Fantasy at the end of April and have already started their group items. This will be their first time so they are starting with magnets.
I know that we have been on cruises were people from Canada, much like myself of course, they brought post cards with them and distributed them. On Holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, there have been candies and tiny decorations left for people. Easter is this coming weekend and I know that there are some in my brothers group that will be doing something Easter themed. I can’t wait till they return so I can see what they got.
It’s not something that everyone does but it’s a fun thing for families or for folks that have been on many cruises in the past and just want to share in a little extra fun.
My brothers will be providing some footage of the new ship in all her glory so certainly stayed tuned if your interested in seeing more from The Disney Fantasy’s Maiden Voyage.
Now, if you will excuse me, I am about to head to Adventureland and grab me a Dole Whip…’s really hot and I really need one.

Until next time folks…..TTFN


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