Fun Spot: Trashy & Fun!

Fun Spot Orlando is a trashtastic, carnival style attraction that is like the ugly stepsister of every other Orlando park. It isn’t really a park, more like a parking lot filled with rides that will make you question your safety. With that said, it’s really fun! They have Go-karts, a Ferris Wheel, Paratrooper and some other kiddie rides. We love rides, so we took a quick trip there to check it out. To be honest, we probably won’t be back. With the reason being, with all the amazing parks Orlando has to offer, what would make you visit this place? I feel like it may be a locals hangout….or maybe for people sick of all the Disney magic, Universal Orlando awesomeness and Busch Gardens thrills? They do have a sister location called Fun Spot USA on 192, which has the world’s tallest Skycoaster. Now that’s thrilling! Still trashy, but we like the location a lot better.

Here’s the “park map” with an overview of the “attractions”. We use the terms very loosely:

And as a bonus, their television commercial:


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