Must have items for any Disney Trip

MARCH BREAK ALERT- you’ve decided to book your trip, you’ve done your research and you have everything all paid for but now your left with last-minute details which of course includes the possible disastrous task of PACKING!!! Now I realize that this could be a daunting task, and really, do you know WHAT to pack? Please remember that this is NOT the list for folks WITH small children ok, that one will come later.  Here are the top 10 items I recommend bringing for your trip to Disney:

  1. SUNBLOCK- Look, I really do realize this MAY sound crazy but when you’re going from a colder climate to a warmer one, you might forget and this is a MUST BRING!!  If you’re heading to Florida, the temperatures are ranging at 80F (that’s 27C) currently and it’s a STRONG sun and it BURNS!!  It is not cool to get down to the Parks, decked out in your new t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, laughing about your friends sitting at home freezing their…..well you know where I am going with this and get a nasty sunburn the very first day and now your going to suffer for the next 6 days. Realize that you need to REAPPLY as well, so take heed from this message. You will thank me!!
  2. COMFORTABLE SHOES- I assure you, your going to walk…..A LOT!!  A great pair of comfortable running shoes will go a very long way. Don’t forget to pack a few pairs of short socks as well, you don’t need the knee highs down there.
  3. CASUAL DRESS CLOTHES- You have already decided you’re not going to eat burgers the entire time so a pair of Khaki’s for the men out there and perhaps a sun dress for the ladies, you can toss in your suitcase and you can throw on and it makes dining out a nicer affair.
  4. A HAT- You know, as the #1 item on my list stated SUNBLOCK but I want to remind you that if it’s going to be THAT hot, why not try to give yourself a little more protection and throw in a hat? It takes no space and it will certainly come in handy.
  5. SWIM SUIT- Wow, you think I have lost my marbles right? Reminder that people forget things, little things, things that are OBVIOUS but may I remind you that there are over 54 pools at Walt Disney World Resort and you’re gonna want to take a dip in that cool…..refreshing water after an extremely long day of hunting down the perfect photo opportunities with Mickey and you better remember to pack it. Of course, there are tons of merchandise opportunities to purchase a new one but I am sure you are trying to save money on this trip right? Go try a Dole Whip  at the Polynesian Resort with the money you save.
  6. PASSPORT- Another obvious one but you would actually be surprised at the very number of folks that forget it and the trip turns UGLY. REMEMBER……..write a handy checklist and check off as you go. It helps!!
  7. PREPARE FOR WEATHER-  Your local dollar store could totally become your best friend with this one. Sure, you can purchase a rain poncho at the Parks, but do you really want to pay over $10??  Or, would you prefer to spend a buck or two and grab the gangs while you’re at it and save the money???
  8. SUNGLASSES- Especially if you have a prescription, this is a must have with item. You do realize that they sell EVERYTHING at Walt Disney World, however, we are all about SAVING YOU MONEY HERE!!
  9. A small bag to tote things around- This may sound like a silly one but be assured that unless you have DEEP wallets, you MIGHT want to bring some things with you. Sunblock for reapplication, rain poncho for the surprise storms Florida is famous for… get the drift.
  10. PATIENCE- Look, you already have the basics, you really realize that it’s going to be an expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT TRIP, so you have already prepared yourself and are going to take my advice with the above list but all in all…….#10 just might be the one that you will consider the MOST helpful of all. You know that there are going to be WALL TO WALL people… all times. Going to the Parks, going to eat, the pools, the washrooms……so, now that you have been warned……Remember that Rome wasn’t built-in a day and you are certainly NOT going to do EVERYTHING on your first visit. So, take your time, do some much-needed pre-planning prior to even leaving your house and I assure you…..this will be a trip to remember.
So, pack that waterproof camera, remember your cell phone, your toothbrush and get going. Don’t want to keep the fun waiting now do ya??

Until next time, I am just actually finishing up packing my carry-on for my departure Tuesday and I have some things I have to check off my list.



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