Movies & TV shows filmed in parks…Part 2

We received such a great response to our last post about movies & TV shows filmed in theme parks that we thought we’d dig up a few more. Apparently we missed quite a lot of them, so here is round two. Hopefully we don’t miss any others this time. In case we do please leave a comment or contact us here.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Who can forget the hijinx of our favourite teenage witch, Melissa Joan Hart. Wait, we mean Sabrina. Anyways, in another of Disney’s promotional efforts, Sabrina and her class conveniently take a field trip to the brand new Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World. What baffles me is where do these high school kids get the money (I do realize she’s a witch, but seriously!) Regardless, classic Disney product placement.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

Baby Geniuses

Another movie in the terrible category. We don’t know why we saw this. Regardless, it’s about smart babies who escape from the lab (maybe they’re genetically engineered….I’m not sure) and end up at the Circus Circus Adventuredome in Las Vegas. As is always the case, shenanigans happen and stuff. Chandler’s Dad (I mean Kathleen Turner) stars as a villain.


Disney Cruise Line

According to Jim

More of a theme park at sea. The family takes a trip on the awesome, fantastic and amazing Disney Cruise Line. Another in the fantastic “advertainment” programs Disney is so good at. I haven’t seen this episode, nor really any episodes of this show. Fun fact: I did however see it film on a trip to Hollywood becuase we couldn’t see Friends. It was not as much fun. Sorry for the crappy clip, I didn’t have anything else.


Walt Disney World

Boy Meets World

Who can forget when Cory chases Topanga across the country to show his love for her, after he decides he is in love with her. Despite the fact he’s in high-school and really has no money, he gets to Walt Disney World. This episode mainly showcases Epcot. In the end, he gets her back and they make up. Of all places, on the stage infront of the Fountain of Nations. Which for the record, is off limits to guests.



The gang goes to Disneyland. Not sure why, other than for lot’s of fun. Seriously though, it’s vert hard to find information about this episode. It’s one of the few TV shows that has ever filmed at Disneyland, which is nice because WDW gets a lot more attention.

Canada’s Wonderland

Being Erica

The best Canadian television show ever, other than Degrassi. About a woman who deals with her past by getting the chance to see how things would turn out if she did things differently. They needed to journey to Wonderland to meet someone as part of the plot. The episode shows some great shots of the park, and the even get one of the world famous funnel-cakes everyone on the planet seems to love, except me.


Another episode of Being Erica was filmed at this charming amusement park on the Toronto Islands. If you ever want to visit Toronto and find the most serene and peaceful locale, this is it.



The trials and tribulations of working at an amusement park in 1987. I expected it to be much better, and capture the memories I have of working at Cedar Point one summer. It didn’t, but it’s in a park so I like it for that reason. It stars Jason Eisenburg, made famous playing Mark Zuckerburg in The Social Network, and that girl from Twilight….Kristen Stewart.

Wild Adventures


Another movie starring Jason Eisenburg, this time he’s battling zombies in this comedic take on the genre. Near the end of the movie, they visit Pacific Playland, a fictional park that’s actually Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia.

That’s it for this round of movies and TV shows filmed in parks. I’m sure we missed a few, so let us know what we should include for Round 3. Drop us a line here.

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