Movies & TV Shows filmed at Theme Parks

Everyone has their favourite movies and television shows they like to watch, but one thing can make them even better. Film an episode at a theme park! Nothing makes us happier to see the plot of a show take the cast to a theme park. We don’t really care that it’s a product placement for the park, it’s just plain fun. Here is a list of movies & TV shows that have been filmed in theme parks over the years. We’re not including talk shows and Travel Channel specials, because that would take years! If we missed any, email us and let us know.


Modern Family: Most recently, the show was seen filming at Disneyland during the One More Disney Day Promotion. You can read all the details about the filming at Jim Hill Media. The episode will air in the near future.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Our friend Nick reminded us we forgot one of the most classic films of all time! Starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, this classic was filmed at Magic Mountain standing in as Wally World back in the 80’s. With a special appearance by the late John Candy as the Park Security.

Walt Disney World

It’s always exciting to see my favourite place on earth showcased on a television. Disney has great synergy, so much that in the 90’s almost every show they produced took a trip to Walt Disney World. Not only was it great for the plot, it acted as a commercial for the resort. Win- win for all!

Step By Step

The intro to the show was filmed at Magic Mountain, with a digital ocean added later. Then later on in the series they took a family trip to Walt Disney World.

Full House

Who can forget Jessie and The Rippers playing in front of Cinderella Castle? Or Steve showing up all over the resort as Aladdin (who he voiced in the movie) and Indiana Jones. Oh the memories! Check out some clips here and here.


The Connor clan takes a trip to the most magical place on earth.

Universal Orlando

House on Haunted Hill

Right before the park opened, this scene was filmed at Islands of Adventure. It has nothing to do with the rest of the movie, but it’s cool anyways! Wish we could ride this version of The Hulk!

Bring It On: In it to Win It

In this awful, why was it made movie, they head to the Universal Orlando Resort for a cheer competition. The movie is lame, but it’s cool to see the Lost Continent’s Merlinwood area before they changed it into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Plus they stay at The Hard Rock Hotel and do their routine in Citywalk. It was clearly an advertisement for the resort disguised as a movie, and we love that!

La Ronde

Are You Afraid of the Dark

A few episodes were filmed in this Montreal theme park, “The Tale of Laughing in the Dark” being the most memorable. This series was one of our favourites as kids. Check out our blog post on the best episodes here.

Elitch Gardens

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain

We don’t know why this was made, because it’s terrible. But it’s filmed in a park and stars Hulk Hogan, so we have to like it a bit.

California’s Great America

Beverly Hills Cop 3

The third instalment of the very popular Beverly Hills Cop series of films. Taking place at the fictional Wonder World amusement park. This was back in the day when Eddie Murphy made good movies, unlike today (see Pluto Nash, The Haunted Mansion, and the recent A Thousand Words.)


Final Destination 3

Another in the series of gore flicks, filmed in Vancouver at another homegrown park. After watching this movie, you may never want to ride a rollercoaster again!

King’s Island

Kings Island gained national attention when two well-known ABC sitcoms filmed episodes at the park: The Partridge Family in 1972, and The Brady Bunch in 1973.

Universal Studios Hollywood

The Wizard

A Nintendo commercial disguised as a film, the whole movie is about two brothers taking an adventure to Universal Studios Hollywood for a video game competition featuring, you guessed it, the latest Super Mario game. Best line in the movie: “The Power Glove, it’s so bad!”

Canada’s Wonderland

The Littlest Hobo

For all our international readers, this show was about a dog that went around and helped people. It’s really old and ran from 1979-1985. According to the Canada’s Wonderland Wiki, an episode of the show took place in the park. “The day before Canada’s Wonderland is schedule to open, young park manager Cynthia Masters has a car accident, and is hospitalised with a concussion. Suffering from amnesia and confusion, she manages to leave the hospital without permission, wandering to the theme park. Masters is admitted to the park, as security doesn’t realise her condition. London, the dog refered to as the Littlest Hobo, enters the theme park in an attempt to keep her out of danger, while trying to alert other workers to her condition.”

Did we miss anything? What other movies and shows we’re filmed in theme parks? Email us and let us know!

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