Big Red’s Disney Bootcamp: Delightful Disney Snack Choices

Seems that one of the favorite things to do at Disney is……well…..EAT. Yes folks, there are so many things for you to choose from, it actually becomes very difficult to decide.

No matter which Park you have decided to visit, no matter which Resort you are staying at, everyone needs a snack now and again. However the dilemma will be, what do I want? Salty, some oozing and gooey creation, chocolate or something healthy? ( who are we kidding here? Your on vacation right?)
I can listen to my tummy, or I can simply look around. You will find everyone eating something different and I can assure you, if you have something yummy, people will ask …….”hey where did you get that?”.
My lists changes obviously from visit to visit but I can tell you that my family and friends get SO excited that we can merely mention it on a phone call or email and the wheels start to move. I have even found myself in sunny Orlando and felt a craving coming on and my brothers and I have jumped in the car to drive to Downtown Disney merely to pick up an apple from the Candy Cauldron.

Popcorn doesn’t really excite me, seeing as how my Disney career started with almost 3 months of standing outside selling it along with Canadian beer on the Outdoor Foods cart, but you do realize how much popcorn is sold at Disney Parks? About 265,000 pounds of popcorn a year (not surprising considering popcorn is everywhere!) Staggering figure isn’t it?

Then, if you’re exploring the Magic Kingdom, you will come across some brave souls with this huge meaty bulky mess and you’re dying to know what it is………TURKEY LEGS!! And can you believe that Disney Parks sell 1.6 million turkey drum sticks a year……. Why not try one for yourself on your visit if you can handle it.

Turkey Legs...yum!

Of course you will find the usual American snacks, hotdogs at Casey’s Corner (which my brother Brian MUST have on each and every visit), chips and tons & tons of chocolate, pretzels, but the one thing that gets people cooled off quickly in the hot steamy sunshine of Central Orlando is ICE CREAM! And speaking of, my all time favorite that I just cannot go through a visit missing is DOLE WHIP!!! This little beauty is SO good, SO tasty, SOOOOOOOOO yummy that my great friend Brad had to contact DOLE in Hawaii to explore the options of possibly sending some to Canada so we could enjoy it back in Canada in-between visits. You see, it’s incredibly great stuff. Pineapple soft serve.
Now, this stuff has become SO popular, The Polynesian Resort had to install a machine to assist people with this craving. I discovered this after being trampled by the crowds at Magic Kingdom on my visit in October so my brother Bob & I had to drive over to the Poly to see if it was true. And to my delight, we were successful, and eating it on the beaches at the Polynesian Resort is an added bonus.

Dole Whip baby!

Now, my brother Brian will never deny chocolate if offered. He has even traveled to Hershey PA to ensure his craving has been tamed. However, whilst he is at any Disney Park anywhere in the world, it’s a Mickey Premium Bar thank you very much. I have fought through many a line in order to quench his cravings. Vanilla ice cream covered in a delicious milk chocolate hard coating shaped as Mickey, no wonder he loves them so much.

Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar

However, don’t think Disney has forgotten the healthy choices either. You will find many fruit stands popping up everywhere. I can tell you that sometimes nothing stabs the afternoon cravings like a cup of mouth-watering grapes or pineapple slices. What about giant pickles? Yup, they got em. Walking through Hollywood Studio’s one afternoon with a co-cast member and she asked if I was hungry and wanted a snack and she stopped at this hut and put her hand into this barrel filled with brine and there was a great selection of Dill Pickles.

Pickles everywhere

Cupcakes, pizza slices, bananas, cookies, cotton candy, yup they got all of those too.Now that we have ventured into the wonderful World of Disney treats…….remember that there is a lot out there, so take your time, venture out and try something new or, like my family and friends and I do, stick with the tried and true favorites.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have made myself very hungry and I am off for a piece of Baklava from the Moroccan cart.
So until next time,


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