Big Red’s Disney Bootcamp: The Magic of Disney Transportation

Your sitting there, overwhelmed still and wondering, can I make this happen?  Can I really get to Disney without a car and most importantly, how do I get around once I’m there? Well, if your reading this, you have started your process and are fully on your way to a fantastic vacation.

Flying to Orlando

Come fly with me

First things first, your dreaded flight to Orlando.  Use to be that Delta Airlines was your official transportation for Walt Disney World, but now, you have more options to choose from so look around. Don’t worry about using a travel agent, I have every confidence that you will find something not only affordable but fun. I just have to stress once again, know when your going to go.  Obviously, if your dream is to celebrate a national holiday at Disney, remember that your going to have hundreds of thousands of others who have decided the same. Don’t let me scare you off of a holiday either, in fact, if your willing, try it once. Nobody does a holiday like Disney does a holiday. To say that they go all out, is a far understatement. Imagine ginormous gingerbread houses inside of the Grand Floridian Resort, yeah, they do that. But if crowds aren’t your thing, be sure to do a little surfing on the net to see when busier seasons are down there.
With flights, sometimes a connecting flight is less expensive than a direct flight. Now I realize you’re seriously excited to get going, but patience will certainly pay off. Tuesday and Wednesday’s are also prima days when airlines enjoy discounting airline tickets so keep your eyes peeled. Once you arrive in Orlando, with your pre-booked accommodations on property at Disney (we’ve discussed reasons you should stay on property), you have the option of using the Magical Express option with your room. I definitely recommend taking Disney up on this free feature. Yes, I did just say FREE and DISNEY. It does happen folks so know when to take full advantage.

Magical Express

Buses can be fun too!

Magical Express is free transportation in a really comfy coach bus that will whisk you from Orlando (MCO) airport, which is approximately 20 minutes away from Walt Disney World. You will literally go down to the baggage carousel and then down to the bus areas and you climb aboard your bus for your Resort and off you go.  Easy right? It’s suppose to be. When Disney decided on this concept, they tried it out free for the first trial and was seriously thinking of adding a charge. However, after the overwhelming popularity of this service, Disney decided to keep things as is. Sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Once onboard, there are fantastic drivers that will pop in a movie that totally takes your mind off of the stress of air travel and wondering where to go and what exit to take and finding your rental cars.  Once you have arrived at your particular Resort, your luggage will actually be dropped off in your room, no need to lug in into the lobby, check -in and drag it over to the room.  TA DA…..Disney took care of that.  Your Welcome.

Boats, buses, bikes, monorails, OH MY!

Let me explain a few modes of transportation for you to enjoy throughout your vacation, because there are many and you will learn tricks as you become familiar with the place.
Sea Raycers
Seven Seas Lagoon, located closest to the Magic Kingdom and surrounds the several of the major Deluxe Resorts, you see that beautiful open water and think, wow, I would really love to get out on that myself. You can do that. Head over to the Polynesian Resort and you can rent Sea Raycers which you can race around until you just can’t race no more.


Riding a bike along the Sassagoula River sound after a huge dinner at The Turf Club, head over to either Riverside Resort or the French Quarter and your rental awaits you.
Of course, there are extra fees included for these options but remember, ask you Disney shall deliver.

A bicycle built for two....or four 🙂

Getting to the Magic Kingdom for your very first day, but how to get there.  Taking into consideration what Resort you will be staying at, (any Moderate or Value Resort will include a bus ride from your Resort to the Ticket & Transportation Centre which is the last spot you can get dropped off if you would like to enjoy a ride on the famous Monorail). If your staying at a Deluxe Resort, the majority are located closer to the Magic Kingdom and you will be whisked away to the magic happy place via the Monorail anyways. Now, to me, nothing says a visit to Disney than riding that Monorail.  Actually, a fun fact for you, the day I arrived to work at Walt Disney World, we never had our Main Gate Passes to provide free access to the Parks yet but we arrived in Orlando and went to the TTA and rode around on the Monorails for a while that very first night. I will never ever forget that.

I'm on a boat!

Now my step brother despises that Monorail, perhaps it’s the smell, (trust me, you will remember that smell) or it could be the fact that you are high above the street below riding smoothly on this futuristic train, but he refuses to ride it.  So, I have to make a pact every visit, I ride the Ferry Boat across one time and he will force himself on the Monorail.  Why not try both options?  For first time visitors, the Monorail offers you the authentic Disney mode of transportation that you will always remember but the Ferry Boats are also a relaxing and fun way to get to where you really want to be as well.  The Ferry Boat is the very best option at night. *TIP* Disney also has this fun thing called the Electric Water Pageant.  They consist of barges that carry 25 foot tall screens of light. It is certainly something to see at the end of your busy day and all the parades have been watched, all the turkey legs have been consumed and WISHES is done for another day.

Monorail.....meaning 1 rail. FYI!

So, your stuck at Hollywood Studios and you have reservations in EPCOT for lunch in Morocco and you don’t really know how to get over there?  Have no fear, you have a few quick options.  The buses will take forever to board and then travel around the busy streets so why not hope aboard the ferry boats that board just out front of the main entrance gates and settle in for a delightful and relaxing ride.  We warned, it does take over 30 minutes since it has to go through several Resorts before arriving in Epcot so you may want to remember that prior to boarding.  If your stuck, always remember that there are beautiful walkways that will bring you from the Studios and over to EPCOT.
Here is my next trick, if your really wanting to get to the Magic Kingdom for the 3 o’clock parade and you’re still in Epcot and you don’t think you will make your parade?  Don’t worry.  There is a Monorail line that runs from the TTA to Epcot which is the quickest way in my opinion to get there from EPCOT. Whatever way you decide to get yourself around, Walt Disney World has certainly taken great care to ensure that you get from one location to the next. With a little information, you can certainly get yourself anywhere you need to be.

Speaking of, I have a Segway Tour that I need to take in EPCOT and I don’t want to be late so I am off to the Monorail station so I can get over to EPCOT.

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