Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada dives into Toronto Summer 2013

Just a few weeks ago, the groundbreaking ceremony on Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada took place. This Ripley Entertainment venture is a brand new attraction that’s going to be located in the heart of downtown Toronto, right next to the CN Tower and within walking distance of the Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre and Union Station. It’s projected to open sometime in 2013 with over 45 exhibits spread amongst 130,000 square feet. In my humble opinion, this is going to be a great economic boon to the City of Toronto. The area around the CN Tower is generally a dead zone if there are no sporting events going on, so this is a well needed attraction. While the debate lives on about the ethics of capturing aquatic animals for display, it’s a great way to educate people about these wonderous creatures. Many people have said this type of attraction is long due in the city, so it’s being welcomed with open arms. In the end, everyone wins. More tax dollars, more tourists, more jobs. Plus this helps further beautify the once derelict lands in this area. We will report more news as we find out, and provide updated pictures also. Take a look below the facts for some concept art.

Fast Facts about Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

  • More than 13,500 exotic sea and freshwater creatures, comprising more than 450 species
  • A unique 96-metre-long (315 foot) moving walkway through an acrylic tunnel deep below the 2.84-million litre (750,000-gallon) Shark Lagoon, a habitat occupied by 3 to 3.7-metre-long (10 – to 12-foot) sand tiger sharks, largetooth saw?sh and dozens of other species. Guests may step on and off the walkway as they choose to spend extra time admiring the huge sharks
  • Main exhibition includes a tropical reef tank, along with Great Lakes exhibits and Atlantic and Pacific habitats
  • A Marine and Freshwater Education Centre with dedicated classroom space
  • Flexible and changing exhibition space
  • Food service and retail store
  • Opening Date: 2013
  • Square footage: 12,000 square-metre (130,000 sq.ft.)
  • Total volume of water: 5.7 million litre (1,500,000 gallon)
  • Total exhibits: 45 + interactives

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