Walt Disney World Celebrates it’s 40th Birthday

The Birthday Cake Castle: Many people hated it, I thought it was cool!

Today marks a very important milestone for the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. It’s the 40th anniversary of its opening on October 1, 1971. Think about it, a little over 40 years ago this entire 47 square miles of vacation awesomeness was a simple swamp in the middle of nowhere. Now it’s the #1 vacation destination in the world. Walt Disney World is celebrating it’s 40th Birthday with a special ceremony today to commemmorate the event, and has some surprises in store. With a parade planned, special merchandise and lots of fun, we wish we could be there to help celebrate. While this event is a lot more low key than other anniversaries, it’s nice to see that they are doing something. There are no special decorations on Cinderella Castle or Castmember name-tags, but aren’t we all a little sick of Walt Disney World marketing some focus-grouped celebration to us year after year? They have also released a commemorative map to guests today (below) to mark the special occasion, as well as special “limited edition” cupcakes at the Main St. Bakery. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? As they are limited edition, I wonder if people are going to attempt to save them like all the other Disney memorabilia. I’m thinking it’s very likely! In the end, it looks like a great little celebration to take part in! Happy Birthday Walt Disney World!

Delicious 40th Anniversary Cupcakes!

The 40th Anniversary Collectors Map- Free if you visit the park today!


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