Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom adds wizardry to WDW

After many rumours on the internet, we were very excited to finally hear that Disney officially announced “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” today. According to Disney “Merlin the magician will recruit guests to become apprentice sorcerers and then help them with maps and clues that show where and how to defeat an army of Disney Villains.Work on this new adventure is already underway. You may notice a few giant crates and even some new spaces showing up throughout Adventureland.” If you’ve ever taken part in the “Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure“, you’ll understand how exciting this announcement is. If you haven’t, it’s a themed adventure where your recruited to help Kim Possible on one of a few cases. You borrow a cell phone  or “Kimmunicator” that helps guide you around the different countries, taking a mission themed to that specific pavilion. Through the magic of technology throughout World Showcase pavilions, your phone activates hidden features using bluetooth, wi-fi and other technology that are amazing. It adds a whole new layer of awesome to Epcot. Considering the Epcot adventure was in development before 2005, the new Magic Kingdom version should blow it out of the water with the advances in technology since then. We can’t wait to help save the Magic Kingdom. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to debut in early 2012.

Here’s a more detailed look at the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure:

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