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Jun 16

California Adventure reopening coverage: The best of the best

Disney California Adventure has it’s grand reopening yesterday, and there is a ton of press coverage all over the web. We thought it would be great to curate some coverage in one place to give you a detailed overview of everything that is new and amazing at the park. A lot has happened in the …

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Apr 27

New Fantasyland Opening Dates announced!

We’re so excited to hear today that the completed Dueling Dumbo’s and interactive queue line along with Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station will open in July, followed by everything else in the New Fantasyland opening by Holiday 2012. The exception being the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which is still the wild card. Read all the details below:

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Apr 23

Starbucks Comes to Disney Theme Parks

Disney just announced Starbucks is coming to the parks, starting with California Adventure. How do you feel about this most recent announcement that Starbucks will be inside the Disney Parks? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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Apr 09

Rise of the Hyper-Themed Land

Competition is fierce in the theme park industry, with the major parks spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new attractions in order to stay ahead. The hottest new trend we’re seeing in the themed attraction industry is the construction of hyper-themed lands at parks. Themed beyond imagination and costing more than ever. Let us …

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Sep 20

“Avatar” jumps from 3-D screens to theme park experience at Walt Disney World

In one of the greatest announcements I’ve heard in a while from Disney Parks, they have announced a mega “Avatar” themed land for Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida.