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Apr 25

SeaWorld Orlando ‘Empire of the Penguin’ NEW concept art

Check out this newly released concept art for the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin expansion at Seaworld Orlando.

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Apr 12

Seaworld Constuction

Nothing super new to report here, just showing off some of the the construction walls on the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin expansion. These pictures were taken by our friend Nick. For more information about this hyper-themed land, check out the press release here.  

Apr 09

Rise of the Hyper-Themed Land

Competition is fierce in the theme park industry, with the major parks spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new attractions in order to stay ahead. The hottest new trend we’re seeing in the themed attraction industry is the construction of hyper-themed lands at parks. Themed beyond imagination and costing more than ever. Let us …

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Jan 20

SeaWorld Orlando’s TurtleTrek Overview

Take a look at the overview of SeaWorld Orlando’s new attraction, TurtleTrek, slated to open this spring.

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Nov 21

Seaworld Orlando Christmas Celebrations kick off Black Friday

SeaWorld Orlando will introduce a holiday show based on the Christmas story and told through the eyes of animals during SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration events, which kick off Nov. 25, the day after Thanksgiving. The new “O Wondrous Night” includes puppet version of animals at the nativity scene and their live counterparts, such as a donkey and …

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